Goofy Golf Balls Gift for Dad

Goofy Golf Balls and Golf Ball Messages for Dad

Kids can decorate golf balls will goofy faces, or messages for dad. Decorated golf balls can be a great gift for Father’s Day, dad’s birthday, or even Valentine’s Day, if dad is an avid golfer! This father’s gift is so simple and fun for kids of all ages. All you need to do is get a pail full of golf balls and provide some sharpie markers or acrylic paints in a variety of colors. Make sure the kids are not wearing their Sunday best, as paints and markers that can adhere to golf balls are not washable. The pail can also be decorated and presented to dad.

Real golf balls can be expensive, so an alternative to those would be to get a bunch of practice golf balls, which are much cheaper. Dad can use them to practice his putting and drives in the yard or office and you won’t feel guilty about defacing real ones!

HINT: If you are using markers to color the golf balls, make sure you use the ones that have thick tips. They are easier to color with along the dimples of the golf balls than fine points.

Father’s Day Gift – A Homemade Calendar for Dad

Father's Day Calendar Gift

Making a homemade calendar using Microsoft Word Calendar Wizard is so easy, and can be a great Father’s Day gift from the kids.  With a computer or laptop, a color printer, some sturdy printing paper, and selected digital pictures, an affordable and creative gift is only a few minutes away.  And dad will absolutely love going through the memories of his kids on display each month.

Materials for Father’s Day Calendar

  • Brochure or Flyer quality paper, matte white finish preferrable
  • Digital pictures for every month of the year
  • Computer with Microsoft Word and Calendar Wizard installed
  • Color printer
  • Hole punch and decorative ribbon

How to Make Father’s Day Calendar

  1. Open up Microsoft Word and choose File|New.
  2. Choose the Other Documents Tab and select the Calendar Wizard.
  3. Follow the steps outlined in the wizard to create the calendar.  You may want to start with June and end with next May to make a “Dad Year Calendar”.
  4. Have the kids select their favorite pictures from your family’s collection.  Identify which pictures will be used for each month.  One idea:  keep the theme of the month in mind when choosing photos, for example, choose birthda pcitures of the kids on their birthday months, summer vacation pictures for summer months, etc.
  5. Replace the picture icon on each month page on the Calendar project with the digital pictures the kids have selected.
  6. Print out the calendar.
  7. Punch a hole in the upper left corner of each page and tie together with decorative ribbon.
  8. Protect the calendar by placing it in a large white envelope.  The kids can decorate the envelope with pictures, glitter, and stickers, and write a nice Father’s Day message on the outside.

Happy Father’s Day!

Snowshoeing with Kids – Enjoy Family Time and Outdoor Exercise

Winter time brings with it the cold and snowy weather, but that doesn’t mean families with small children need to be stuck indoors. Skiing, sledding and snowshoeing with kids are great ways to enjoy family time and outdoor exercise in winter. However, skiing is expensive and sledding requires hills. Snowshoeing, on the other hand, is cheap and can be done anywhere. Children can strap on some snowshoes and practice their walking skills outside in their own yards. Family snowshoe outings can also be planned anywhere where flat trails are found.

Snowshoeing with the Family
A place we like to go snowshoeing is at America’s Stonehenge in Salem, N.H. At this historical site, we can rent snowshoes and enjoy the beautiful trails and outdoor winter weather with our kids. Sometimes we bring a lunch and picnic along the trail. The important thing when snowshoeing with the family is to be prepared for cold weather.

Preparing to Snowshoe with Kids
Kids should be bundled up in order to enjoy their family time snowshoeing. This means good socks and lightweight boots, snowpants, jacket, hat, gloves and scarf. If it is going to be really cold, you may want to include thermal underware in that list. Also, if it is snowing, bring along snow goggles or kids sunglasses to protect the eyes. To keep feet dry, plan on purchasing gaiters –waterproof material that covers or wraps around the top of the boot and prevents snow from getting in. Finally, similar to hiking in the summer, children will want to have a backpack with water, snacks and extra sweater or coat and dry gloves.

Snowshoeing Tips for Family Outdoor Fun
Snowshoeing is relatively easy to do. Kids will get the hang of it right away, but you may want to have them practice with the shoes first, and learn how to backtrack. You cannot really go backwards with snowshoes on, but need to make U-turns instead, always going forwards. Also, kids might find that using ski poles will help them keep their balance.

Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys and Girls


If you are finally getting the chance to shop around for the perfect Easter basket items for your little girls or boys, here is a list of some of our favorite toys and candy for the Easter basket. Don’t forget the Easter grass, which is a great way to fill in the gaps. Instead of using the plastic grass, try using paper Easter grass–it is better for the environment and can be added to the compost bin! 

Easter Basket Ideas for Boys
Little boys can be easy to please on Easter morning. Here are a few ideas for their Easter baskets…

Toy airplanes and wooden gliders
Presidental dollar coins (put them into some plastic Easter eggs)
Easter peeps (there are so many different varieties now!)
Soft sports balls to play with in the house
Bakugans or bey blades
Outdoor beach toys such as pails, shovels and sand sifters
Toy cars
Kung Zu pets
Baseball or football cards
Eggs filled with cereal (for morning breakfast!)
Easter picture books
Webkinz pets
Silly bandz
Magic Beanz

Easter Basket Ideas for Girls
Girls love to get their Easter baskets on Easter Sunday morning. Some of the ideas above (like filling plastic eggs with cereal) can work for girls too. Girls may enjoy getting these items:
Beauty products such as hairbrushes, ties, lipgloss, etc.
Zhu Zhu pets
Coloring books
Bead crafts
Jump ropes
Stuffed bunnies
Sparkly belts or scarves
Fun socks

A fun way to give the kids their Easter baskets on Sunday morning is to have them do a treasure hunt to find them, instead of just placing them outside their doors. Leave a note from the Easter bunny and help your child or children hunt for their Easter treasures!


Crazy Hay Tween Girls Game

Looking for a great birthday game for a 9 to 12-year-old girl birthday party? Recently, my daughter celebrated a birthday and, in the winter, and most of the party was indoors. They did the sledding for a while and then when they got too cold, the excited tweens came into the house looking for something fun to do. Anticipating this, we planned a great tween birthday party game — a crazy hat exchange! The 10-year-old girls had a great time and their party favours were immediately taken care of! We also got some great birthday party pictures of them in their crazy hats!

In this tween girl birthday party game, everyone will get one crazy hat.  Here are the steps and rules for the crazy hat exchange:

1. Get a crazy hat for each girl at the local party store and place them into separate gift bags.

2. Write the numbers 1 through the number of guests you will have on little sheets of paper.

3. Have the girls blindly select a number from a hat.

4. The birthday guest with number 1 goes first and picks a gift bag. She opens it and places her hat on her head.

5. The birthday guest with number 2 goes next. She decides if she wants the hat already opened (on #1’s head) or to open a new bag.

6. If #2 takes the hat, #1 must then pick a new bag. Both girls should now be wearing their crazy hats.

7. This repeat until all guests have a hat.

8. The tween guest with #1 then gets to swap hats with any of the other hats.

Variation – The Extra Hat

If there is an extra gift bag/hat because a guest couldn’t make it, have a vote at the end. The tween with the “worst” or “lamest” hat gets the leftover gift bag, winning a consolation hat.

Try this great tween birthday game at your daughter’s next birthday party for a guaranteed good time!