Crazy Hay Tween Girls Game

Looking for a great birthday game for a 9 to 12-year-old girl birthday party? Recently, my daughter celebrated a birthday and, in the winter, and most of the party was indoors. They did the sledding for a while and then when they got too cold, the excited tweens came into the house looking for something fun to do. Anticipating this, we planned a great tween birthday party game — a crazy hat exchange! The 10-year-old girls had a great time and their party favours were immediately taken care of! We also got some great birthday party pictures of them in their crazy hats!

In this tween girl birthday party game, everyone will get one crazy hat.  Here are the steps and rules for the crazy hat exchange:

1. Get a crazy hat for each girl at the local party store and place them into separate gift bags.

2. Write the numbers 1 through the number of guests you will have on little sheets of paper.

3. Have the girls blindly select a number from a hat.

4. The birthday guest with number 1 goes first and picks a gift bag. She opens it and places her hat on her head.

5. The birthday guest with number 2 goes next. She decides if she wants the hat already opened (on #1’s head) or to open a new bag.

6. If #2 takes the hat, #1 must then pick a new bag. Both girls should now be wearing their crazy hats.

7. This repeat until all guests have a hat.

8. The tween guest with #1 then gets to swap hats with any of the other hats.

Variation – The Extra Hat

If there is an extra gift bag/hat because a guest couldn’t make it, have a vote at the end. The tween with the “worst” or “lamest” hat gets the leftover gift bag, winning a consolation hat.

Try this great tween birthday game at your daughter’s next birthday party for a guaranteed good time!

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