Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys and Girls


If you are finally getting the chance to shop around for the perfect Easter basket items for your little girls or boys, here is a list of some of our favorite toys and candy for the Easter basket. Don’t forget the Easter grass, which is a great way to fill in the gaps. Instead of using the plastic grass, try using paper Easter grass–it is better for the environment and can be added to the compost bin! 

Easter Basket Ideas for Boys
Little boys can be easy to please on Easter morning. Here are a few ideas for their Easter baskets…

Toy airplanes and wooden gliders
Presidental dollar coins (put them into some plastic Easter eggs)
Easter peeps (there are so many different varieties now!)
Soft sports balls to play with in the house
Bakugans or bey blades
Outdoor beach toys such as pails, shovels and sand sifters
Toy cars
Kung Zu pets
Baseball or football cards
Eggs filled with cereal (for morning breakfast!)
Easter picture books
Webkinz pets
Silly bandz
Magic Beanz

Easter Basket Ideas for Girls
Girls love to get their Easter baskets on Easter Sunday morning. Some of the ideas above (like filling plastic eggs with cereal) can work for girls too. Girls may enjoy getting these items:
Beauty products such as hairbrushes, ties, lipgloss, etc.
Zhu Zhu pets
Coloring books
Bead crafts
Jump ropes
Stuffed bunnies
Sparkly belts or scarves
Fun socks

A fun way to give the kids their Easter baskets on Sunday morning is to have them do a treasure hunt to find them, instead of just placing them outside their doors. Leave a note from the Easter bunny and help your child or children hunt for their Easter treasures!


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